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The following is, by no means, a complete Johnnie Ray discography, but is the most complete  that I am allowed to print on this website without having to pay royalties. Compiled and contributed by John Flenniken.

                                   LABEL                               TITLE

                                         STANDARD#183                       Tango Of Love/Mirage

                                                 OKEH#6809                       Tell The Lady I Said I Said Good Bye/Whiskey & Gin

                                      COLUMBIA#DB3485                      She Didn't Say Nothin' At All/I'm Just A Shadow Of Myself (U.K. only)

                                        COLUMBIA#39703                      Give Me Time/All Of Me ("All Of Me" also on COLUMBIA#39788)

                                                OKEH#6840                         Cry/The Little White Cloud That Cried

                                                           18030                      You Gotta’ Pet Me/I’ve Waited So Long

                                        COLUMBIA#39702                      The Lady Drinks Champaigne/Don't Take Your Love From Me

                                                             39636                      Please Mr. Sun/(Here Am I) Broken Hearted

                                                            39698                      What’s The Use/Mountains In The Moonlight

                                                             39700                     Don’t Blame Me/Coffee And Cigarettes

                                                             39701                     Walkin’My Baby Back Home/Out In The Cold…

                                                             39702                     Don’t Take Your Love From Me/The Lady Drinks Champagne

                                                             39788                     All Of Me/A Sinner Am I

                                                             39750                     Walkin’ My Baby Back Home/Give Me Time

                                                             39814                     Gee, But I’m Lonesome/Don’t Say Love Has Ended

                                                              39837                     Faith Can Move Mountains/Love Me

                                                             39898                     Ma Says, Pa Says/A Full-Time Job (w/Doris Day)

                                                             39908                     In The Touch Of God’s Hand/Walk & Talk With My Lord

                                                             39939                     Oh, What A Sad, Sad Day/Mister Midnight

                                                             39961                     Glad Rag Doll/Somebody Stole My Gal

                                                             40001                     Let's Walk That-a-Way/Candy Lips (with Doris Day)

                                                             40006                     With These Hands/Satisfied

                                                             40020                     Such A Night/Destiny

                                                             40024                     Hey There/Hernando’s Hideaway

                                                             40046                     Tell the Lady I Said... (re-recording)/All I Do Is Dream Of You

                                                             40090                     Please Don’t Talk About Me When I'm Gone/An Orchid For…

                                                             40154                     Why Should I Be Sorry/You’d Be Surprised

                                                             40252                     To Ev’ry Girl To Ev’ry Boy/Going-Going-Gone

                                                             40324                     Papa Loves Mambo/The Only Girl I’ll Ever Love

                                                              40391                    If You Believe/Alexander’s Ragtime Band

                                                              40392                    As Time Goes By/Nobody’s Sweetheart

                                                              40435                    Paths Of Paradise/Parade Of Broken Hearts

                                                              40471                    Flip, Flop & Fly/Thine Eyes Are As The Eyes…

                                                   PHILLIPS#463                   Taking A Chance On Love/My Love For You (U.K. only)

                                            COLUMBIA#40528                  Song Of The Dreamer/I’ve Got So Many Million Years

                                                              40578                   Johnnie’s Comin’ Home/Love, Love, Love

                                                              40613                    Who’s Sorry Now/A Heart Comes In Handy

                                                              40649                    Ain’t Misbehavin’/Walk Along With Kings

                                                              40695                    Goodbye,Au Revoir & Adios/Because I Love You

                                                              40729                    Walkin’ In The Rain/In The Candlelight

                                                              40803                    You Don’t Owe Me A Thing/Look Homeward Angel

                                                              40893                    Yes Tonight Josephine/No Wedding Today

                                                              40942                    Street Of Memories/Build Your Love

                                                              40976                    Up Above My Head/Good Evening Friends

                                                              41002                    Pink Sweater Angel/Texas Tambourine

                                                               41069                   Soliloquy Of A Fool/Miss Me Just A Little

                                                               41124                   Plant A Little Seed/Strollin’ Girl

                                                               41162                   Lonely For A Letter/Endlessly

                                                               41213                   Up Until Now/No Regrets

                                                               41327                   One Man’s Love Song Is Another Man's Blues/When’s Your Birthday, Baby

                                                               41280                    What More Can I Say/You’re The One Who Knows

                                                               41372                    Here & Now/Call Me Yours

                                                               41438                    I’ll Never Fall In Love Again/You’re All That I Live For

                                                               41528                    When It’s Springtime In The Rockies/An Ordinary Couple

                                                               41626                    I’ll Make You Mine/Before You

                                                               41705                    Tell Me/Don’t Leave Me Now

                                                 CADENCE#1387                   In The Heart Of A Fool/Let’s Forget It Now

                                        UNITED ARTISTS#341                  How Many Nights How Many Days/I’ll Bring Along My…

                                                 LIBERTY#55432                   Cry (Liberty version)/Scotch And Soda

                                                                  54404                  A Lover’s Question/Nothing Goes Up       

                                                                 55400                   I Believe/A Mother’s Love (with Timi Yuro)

                                                    DECCA#31507                   I Can’t Stop Crying For You/Lonely Wine

                                                                31601                    Break My Heart Break / Can't I

                                                                31459                    After The Laughter Came The Tears/Look Out Chattanooga

                                            GROOVE#58-0044                   A Sometime Love/One Life

                                                        PYE#17691                   Since I Lost You baby/Wise To The Ways Of The World (U.K. only)

                                                                17760                   Long And Lonely Nights/Broken Hearted Me Evil Hearted You (U.K. only)

                                          MAYBELLENE#PD34                  Cry/Just Walking In The Rain (picture disc, only 1000 made)

Remember, this is a "single 45 rpms" list only, there are many more releases by Johnnie Ray that were issued on 78 rpm, LP, ep or CD only that are not on this list.