Quote from BOB DYLAN about JOHNNIE RAY: "The first singer whose voice and style I totally fell in love with" (Source: Sony Music)


A Johnnie Ray Show in Sydney Australia was recently held at the Vanguard in Newtown, read more in the "Latest News" section inside, click on the "Latest News" button...

Johnnie Ray's former Road Manager and close friend for nearly 40 years was interviewed in Nevada Paper "SUMMERLIN SOUTH VIEW", read more about the article in the "Latest News" section of this site inside.

Sadly, our good friend Tad Mann passed away in December, 2014.




I regretted having to post a goodbye to a friend, but this was the least I could do from Louisiana for a truly remarkable talent, a wonderful human being and a long-time Johnnie Ray fan. And now, I just received word that Hal's brother, Herb, of whom I was even closer friends with, passed away this past Friday. I found The Kalin Twin's music late, I didn't hear "When" (Their first big Decca hit in 1958) until 1974 when I was 11 years old, I was hooked on their unique sound immediately, synonymously this was the first year I heard Johnnie Ray's songs. Seeing Hal perform with Herb in London in 2000 and using the same dressing room for our tuxedos that night was a highlight in my life. Being in the dressing room, away from everyone else, we were able to discuss and share stories in depth, I am so glad I had that moment. Hal and Herb will forever be in our hearts. See more about The Kalin Twins in the "Latest News" section of this site.

As you peruse through this Johnnie Ray Fan Site, keep in mind that Herb & Hal were a contributing factor in not only the phenomenon of Johnnie Ray through their impersonations throughout the early 1950's, but also as a part of the pioneering history of Rock-N-Roll with their many Decca releases in the fifties. Both Herb and Hal approved greatly of this site and always linked back to it from their site. -Ric Patterson, johnnieray.com webmaster


We are sad to report that HERB KALIN of The Kalin Twins has passed away from a heart attack, 11 months after his twin brother, Hal, passed away. More information on Tad Mann's website here.


Hal was killed last year on Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2005 after his vehicle was struck by another in Waldorf, MD.

 The Kalins were life long devoted fans of Johnnie Ray and participated in the Johnnie Ray remembrance tours in England and in Johnnie's home town of Dallas, Oregon. They, along with friend and fellow performer Tad Mann, who once managed Johnnie Ray, were making plans to do a tour of Australia raising money for the hard of hearing.

Hal was buried on Monday August 29th, 2005 in his Tuxedo, as he should have been, Hal Kalin was a classy guy. Like those of us that are aware of his death, many that read this will also be saddened beyond words. There are no words from those who knew him that can express our loss or make Brother Herb know how we truly grieve for Hal.

We truly feel your loss and the spot where Hal stood will leave a huge empty space .






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Regardez vers chez toi, mon ange, les familiers que tu as connu toujours te souviennent


Schauen Sie homeward Engel, die Völker, die Sie pflegten, noch zu kennen sich erinnern an Sie

"RAY DAYS 2003" was August 22 & 23, 2003 in Dallas, Oregon

For more about RAY DAYS, go to www.johnnierayarchives.com

Sembrare l' angelo homeward, la gente che avete usato conoscere ancora se li ricordate

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